Who Am I?


Melissa Jaffe, Esq.

Hi.  I'm Melissa.  I'm a single mother, a lawyer, an entrepreneur, a yoga teacher, and the founder of Blissness® School. 

After years of successfully working in corporate law with companies like Genentech, adidas, LucasArts, and others, I started my own practice because I wanted to bring my knowledge and expertise of the law to smaller businesses and entrepreneurs.  I've guided creatives, artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs through rough legal terrain for over two decades.

When I started my law practice, I helped artists for free & learned 2 valuable lessons:

1. No one I counseled for free used the information I offered!  They didn't value it. 

2. They did not believe the law applied to them! They'd never felt empowered by the law, only overpowered.

They weren't ready to work with a lawyer because they didn't understand the basics.  

This was the beginning of Blissness® School -- friendly, accessible, affordable opportunities to master the basics with a community of like-minded, diverse, and supportive individuals .

When I discovered I was pregnant, my whole world crumbled.  I was completely alone to navigate the complicated world of not only business, but family and parenthood.  I am not sure I would have made it without the support of experts in fields I had absolutely no knowledge about -- hello, breastfeeding?!  Through those experiences, I became humbled and increasingly dedicated to offering my skills through Blissness® School to others. 

I've spent nearly a decade fine-tuning this community & I couldn't be prouder. It's time to make knowledge available to everyone at an affordable price, and in a fun & welcoming environment.

It's time to lead with our hearts. It's time to let go of shame and embrace BLISS!                            Our Services »
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My child and I on our first trip to Maui, Hawaii together. My world changed right here.