Why I Became a Lawyer

My career path was less of an arduous contemplation, more of a revelation.  I recall the moment I declared my intention to become a lawyer.  It was just my father and I driving home with fresh bagels for Sunday brunch.  I was in the passenger's seat, all of 9 years old. As he approached the four way intersection of Lander and Shaker Heights, in suburban Ohio, I stated: "I am going to law school." Then "If I get straight A's through school, will you pay for law school?" I suppose I was a negotiator from the beginning. 

It was declared and done.

There was something in my DNA that refused to allow others to suffer without trying to help. According to astrologists I've met within the past, I am born on the "most" idealistic day of the year.  I can understand that.  As Cody Keenan, President Obama's former speech writer said in his eloquent commencement address to Northwestern University: "To be an idealist, to open yourself up to the possibilities of what we can do together— that’s never an easy thing. And the cynics, man, they are everywhere!… They’ll tell you idealism is naive, that to expect something better is just blind faith. But there’s a faith involved in cynicism too. It’s a faith that everyone’s crooked, that everyone’s out for themselves, and that, at best, the system is indifferent to your demands, and at worst, it’s incapable of doing anything serious about them.”

I am an idealist.

I know we can do so much better. I am committed to this outcome, and I am ready to give it everything I have. I am ready to share the “rules of business” with everyone… not only those who can pay thousands and thousands of dollars for my insights. And I am ready to make room for the human emotions, intuition, and spiritual changes that take place when we really share a piece of ourselves authentically with another. This is what drove me to create Blissness School, and now more than ever, I believe our legal framework needs to open to the insights from the intuitive, emotional, and feminine forces of compassion, understanding, and yes, idealism.

I believe we are in a midst of a revolution. I am proud to say that I love the law, our system of government, and the methods for applying justice, and it is also time for an upgrade. If you’ve ever felt left out, mocked, shamed, or felt “less than” because you couldn’t afford the insights available to others, please join us at Blissness School. Learn how to engage your own power, and share it with others, to help others, and to join together to make our world better, more comfortable, and more compassionate for all.

Melissa Jaffe