We just wrapped-up our first webinar with Music Portland: LAUNCHING A THRIVING MUSIC BUSINESS.

Music Portland is a Portland-based trade organization that advocates for musicians, musicians, rights, etc. It offers in-person panels, concerts, communicates with the city to advocate for musicians and those related to the music industry, and offers FREE webinars. They are a tremendous new resource, and I am honored to be a featured partner. If you are in the music industry and in Portland, OR, please take a minute and join. Your voice matters, and this group will tirelessly advocate for you . I look forward to many more collaborations with this incredible group.

Today we discussed the practicalities of getting into the music business. Fundamentally, you need to understand if you are hobbyist or a business. The difference between them is that you will be able to deduct your expenses as a business. The IRS rule is that you need to make a profit within 3 years. We get a LOT more into this topic in the Blissness School Self Study course, which you can sign up for here.

A big reason I created Blissness School was to provide catered support to creatives and entrepreneurs. As I discuss in the webinar, when you are an entrepreneur, the best thing you can do is to get together with others who are “in the same boat.” Trying to do anything on your own — yoga, meditation, business — is a difficult endeavor and you WILL be met with resistance. When you get together in a small group, the burden is lightened, and you will absolutely get more out of the experience. If you think you’re ready to join with others and do a 4-week group with Blissness School, where you get a private FB Group, weekly meetings, and an in-person meet-up, make sure to take advantage of the special Music Portland discount (over 50% off) and register today.

If you missed the underlying webinar, no worries. You can review it here.

Stay tuned …. Music Portland and Blissness School are working on other webinars now, including: How To Establish Your Business; How To Negotiate A Contract; How To Understand And Use PRO’s, and more.

Melissa Jaffe