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  • invitation to the Secret Face Book Group;

  • invitations for live sessions on line and in-person,

  • podcasts and FB Live sessions with podcast interviewees, and

  • special discounts on retreats and future classes.

Downloadable, self-study courses that provide the basic foundation of understanding: Business Law Basic for Entrepreneurs; How To Get A Record Deal, Basics For Musicians;  Understanding Financial Planning; How Do I Run A Capital Campaign?; Estate Planning Basics; How To Do An At-Home Cleanse; Yoga and Meditation for the Beginner, and others.  


Have a few questions?  Not sure where to start? We've got you covered.  Call when you need to get clarity on a specific topic that isn' t appropriate to share with the larger group.  We will never leave you hanging.  Schedule Now


Everyone needs help.  Only the bravest summons the courage to ask for it. Given Melissa's background and deep expertise in business and IP, there are few better qualified to give insightful counsel, and nearly none as perceptive and kind to offer it.    This is a package designed to jump-start your growth in all ways.  Testimonials 

Blissness® School Mastermind

Small group mentorship sessions spanning 8-weeks.  Rigorous training to achieve specific goals set together and individually, plus: 

  • 4 one-on-one sessions;

  • secret FB Group;

  • bi-weekly in-person accountability meetings;

  • in-person retreat* (* additional fees may apply)

Perfect for beginning or established groups who wish to deepen their productivity,  business achievements, & relationships with one another. Learn More  

Blissness® RETREATS

In Person Retreat In Hawaii. December 10-13, 2019. Food, accommodations & activities included.  Travel excluded. 

In Person Retreat In Portland, Oregon.   December 26th-28th, 2019.  Travel excluded.

Ongoing, stay tuned