Integrity In Business

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Business is really fun when you operate from integrity.  When you don’t it can be very painful.
— Karen Rudolph, former Co-Owner of Rudolph & Sletton, Inc.

Karen is a true pioneer, in several ways.  This interview highlights her journey through business as the owner of one of the largest privately owned construction businesses in California.  Ever heard of the Monterey Bay Aquarium? Karen’s company built it. She tells a fascinating story of being challenged in an incredibly stressful situation which challenged her to call upon her sense of what is right to guide her through. When most of her male colleagues followed the “typical” business line of thinking, Karen stood her ground for what she inherently believed was right.  In the end, her leadership and integrity was recognized by colleagues who elected Karen as the President of the Construction Management Association. It was an honor to meet Karen, interview her, and to now share the recording with you as a reminder to follow your inner guidance regardless of what others tell you to do for the sake of business. This is simply an inspiring story. If you think your job is rough… please, give this a listen.

Melissa Jaffe