Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: Provide consistent opportunities for individuals to experience more Bliss. 

Life brings ups and downs, new challenges and opportunities, disappointments and celebrations. No one can be elated all the time, but we can appreciate life's lessons with genuine gratitude.  We can honor our unique purpose in this world. "Bliss" is traditionally defined as "living in alignment with our deepest knowing, or our unique Purpose."  Yet, how seldom are we provided practical tools for honoring ourselves or even knowing our Purpose in this day and age?  In school we are trained to compare ourselves to one another, and in business we are taught to be "cut throat."  

At Blissness® School we believe conscious growth, intentional action, and consistent, real-time support can transform your daily experience in remarkable ways. We believe together we can transform the world in remarkable ways, and we are committed to providing excellent content, encouraging personal growth and teaching individual empowerment. 

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Meet Our Founder

Hi, I'm Melissa -- a mother, lawyer, entrepreneur, yoga teacher, and the founder of Blissness® School. 

After years of working in corporate law with companies like Genentech, adidas, LucasArts, and others, I started my own practice in order to bring my knowledge and expertise of the law to smaller businesses and individual entrepreneurs.  I've guided creatives, artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs through rough legal terrain for over two decades and here's what I learned: far too many weren't ready to work with a lawyer because they didn't understand the basics. I didn't find this satisfying, and I knew I could do more. 

This marked the beginning of Blissness® School -- friendly, accessible, affordable opportunities to master the basics with a community of like-minded, diverse, and supportive individuals.



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