Our Philosophy is simple...

Live your bliss. 

The Self is unbounded. Lacking nothing, it is complete and utter fullness, and the inner experience of fullness is pure bliss.

Bliss is traditionally defined as "living in alignment with our deepest knowing, or our unique Purpose."  Our modern, fast-paced culture often overlooks practical tools for honoring the Self or our Purpose. We are near-constantly fed messages of “not good enough”, encouraged to "fit in" or receive pressure to "do more."  In school we are trained to compare ourselves to others, and in business we are taught to be "cut throat" competitive. Very rarely are we acknowledged for being completely whole, already fulfilled, and encouraged to live in that natural state of relaxed perfection.

Live Your Bliss.

Live Your Bliss.

Blissness® School is where visionaries, change-makers, and those who know they were born to make a difference come to fulfill their Purpose.

  • Gain immediate results, encouragement, and accountability online & in-person.

  • Learn from professionals who are experts in their fields.

  • Feel safe to ask questions and to make mistakes.

Your calling doesn't change, how you experience it does.

Your calling doesn't change, how you experience it does.

Being an entrepreneur is hard. It's lonely. It will challenge you in ways that force you to grow.  

Surround yourself with others who are committed to conscious growth, intentional action, and living a life of Joy.

Honor your unique Purpose.

Life brings ups and downs, new challenges and opportunities, disappointments and celebrations. No one can be elated all the time, but  when you're surrounded with others who are committed to opportunities, not problems; possibilities, not status quo; who see your potential and your vision… magic happens.

This Is Blissness® School.

Meet Our Founder

Hi, I'm Melissa -- a mother, lawyer, entrepreneur, yoga teacher, and the founder of Blissness® School. 

After years of working in corporate law with companies like Genentech, adidas, LucasArts, and others, I started my own practice in order to bring my knowledge and expertise of the law to smaller businesses and individual entrepreneurs.  I've guided creatives, artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs through rough legal terrain for over two decades and here's what I learned: far too many weren't ready to work with a lawyer because they didn't understand the basics. I didn't find this satisfying, and I knew I could do more. 

This marked the beginning of Blissness® School, a space that empower artists, creatives, and empaths in entrepreneurship by providing the most relevant, entertaining, and accessible tools for dramatic growth.

When I became I mother, I knew I had to combine my talents in a way that served others — a way that hasn’t been seen before. I see each of our Blissness® School students with the love of a mother. With encouragement, love, and no-nonsense action, we’re literally changing the world.

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